3 Simple Way to Maintain Mental Health in 2021

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HEALTH TIPS – We’re all still going through a tough time. The Covid-19 pandemic is still not completely subsiding. Even so, do not let the pandemic make us stressed and suffering. There are still many things we can do. Remember, how important for us to prioritise our mental health.


Here we go, tipshealth.net have a number of tips to maintain mental health during the pandemic in 2021:

1. Remember Basic Needs: Eating, Sleeping and Activities

When anxiety strikes, people often forget to meet their basic needs, such as eating, sleeping, and physical activity. After all, basic needs are essential to our mental health.

During the pandemic, self-indulgence is mandatory. Keep your mood as good as possible, do not let anxiety overwhelm you.

First, you can start getting used to getting enough sleep. Ideally 7-9 hours. Avoid playing mobile phones at night before going to bed.

Second, don’t hold back hunger. Appreciate your body if it already feels hungry, do not be late to eat.

Third, increase physical activity such as exercise. Light exercise such as walking or yoga gymnastics is actually enough.

2. If there is a Problem, Talk to Someone
If you find it difficult, don’t be afraid to contact someone you trust for help. Finding connections and support from friends, family, or professionals can help you get through tough times

3. Rest from Zoom
The Covid-19 pandemic that has not subsided makes all our activities turn to the online world, such as through the Zoom. No wonder many of us feel tired of virtual socialization. Maybe it’s time to let go and find alternative ways to meet people or connect with friends and family.

Some ideas can be tried, such as sending gifts to each other through delivery services, making video calls to replace face-to-face interactions, or socializing activities that can be done by maintaining a safe distance, such as cycling together.

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