7 Best Exercise to Stay Young with Face Yoga

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Best Exercise to Stay Young with face yoga

Tipshealth РIn order to making the skin look fresh as a young can be done in a simple way. Without having to use certain expensive skin care medical procedures. Because you can do it yourself by utilizing a number of yoga gym on your face. Face Yoga.

For information, face yoga is a certain exercise or movement by moving the facial muscles to certain positions. It is claimed to keep the face toned and look like a youthful.

Recently, Yoga Face has again become a trend in the beauty world that is also done by Meghan Markle by training the muscles in the face so that blood circulation in the face is smoother. Yoga face can be done by yourself at home.

As with yoga gymnastics in general, face yoga also has a variety of variants and may take some time to find the right pattern. So it is necessary to practice often. It is recommended to carry out this movement for 10 to 15 minutes daily for 6-8 weeks.

Yup, check out the steps to best exercise to stay young with facial yoga:

1. Lifting your cheeks
Tight the lips then shape the movement of the smiling lips as wide as possible without showing teeth. Place your finger on the tip of the lip and lift the tips of the mouth up. Hold this motion for 20 seconds

2. Eliminate laughter lines
Suck the cheeks inwards like a fish face pose. Maintain this movement while opening your eyes wide. But, if your eyes start to get a little sore because they’re dry, you can blink.

3. Remove the line between the eyebrows
Use your index finger and thumb to push your eyebrows away from each other aka in the opposite direction. Perform this movement with a frowning face.

4. Tighten the eyelids
Eyelids tend to become lower and heavier as they get older. You can reduce it by looking up while raising your eyebrows. Next, slowly close your eyes while still looking up.

5. Tighten the forehead
Create the letter C with your index finger and thumb. Place a parallel index finger over the eyebrow and a thumb on the cheek on each side of the face. Press your index finger down while raising your eyebrows and opening your eyes wide. Hold this motion for 2 seconds, then release it. Do 3 more times by holding the pose for 10 seconds.

6. Tighten the skin on the neck
Hold the lips to keep them closed and hold the air out with two fingers. Fill the mouth with as much air as you can for a few seconds then gently remove it. Use four fingers on each side then massage up from the collarbone and stop the cheeks. Repeat for 20 times.

7. Thorough face facelift
Make both hands form a ‘V’ with the middle finger and index finger. Place it under the lip on the right left of the face with both thumbs under the chin. Push both hands gently upwards until both thumbs are behind each ear precisely at the confluence of the jawbone with the skull bone of the head. Press this point for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Good luck

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